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Luke Ryker

Luke Ryker: Air Force, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and VP Threat Management Group

Luke created C-sUAS SOPs and delivered pre-deployment UAS awareness and advanced site security courses. In the Air Force, he supported the US Secret Service and Dept. of State to secure diplomats. Luke was a US Naval School and Security Forces Regional Training Center instructor.


Reggie Johnson: Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Specialist

With 30+ years experience in designing, building and flying remote control aircraft, Reggie utilizes creative talent and technical skills to continuously advance drone capabilities. He also leads courses on UAS counter-terrorism and advanced piloting for the DoD and law enforcement agencies.


Amit Samani: Airspace Security Executive, Dedrone (Moderator)

Amit brings 20 years security solutions experience, currently leading Dedrone’s Americas and UK go-to-market teams as well as the PwC Scale program.

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Threat Assessment
Threat Assessment
During Event Protection
During Event Protection
After Action Report
After Action Report

As fans come back to stadiums and entertainment venues open again, event organizers must now also be aware of the ever-increasing risks from the sky, whether it be amateur drone hobbyists or more nefariously intended entities.

Our Attendees Say

"I have found Dedrone webinars to be really insightful and provide a lot of context around airspace security."

Marc Smith - Former London Metropolitan Police, Counter-Terrorism Unit

"This was a really insightful webinar. It enhances my understanding of the different nature of drone threats and the path to dealing with them"

Matt Valente, Former Operations Director, Newcastle International Airport

"The Dedrone hosted webinar was informative and structured very well, with a good technical and operational content."

Dave Parker, Electromech ECS Ltd

"Within no time up-to-date on the most important innovations in airspace security."

Markus Lichtensteiger, PKE Electronics AG