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Janesh Janardhanan 0813-2

Janesh Janardhanan: Senior Director specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Security at Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific.

Janesh has over 16 years of consulting expertise, working closely with large MNCs, government agencies, technology houses, and startups in the areas of growth strategy, competitive positioning, international expansion, and government regulations.

Christopher Church 0813-1

Christopher Church: Senior Forensics Specialist at Interpol in Singapore

Christopher has been working in the field of phone forensics since 2005, dealing with national and international cases. He has specialized in mobile forensics and explores potential new technology and its associated use and investigational opportunity.

Johanna Kuhlmann 0813-1

Johanna Kuhlmann: International Key Account Manager (Moderator)

Johanna is taking a leading role in addressing the threats that come with increased drone technology uptake in the APAC region and the layered security required to keep pace with the evolution of this fast-moving technology sector.

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You will learn

The most significant challenges by the drone use in an urban environment
What can affected entities do today to protect themselves from drone threats
How should industry and law enforcement jointly react against malicious drones
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"I have found Dedrone webinars to be really insightful and provide a lot of context around airspace security."

Marc Smith - Former London Metropolitan Police, Counter-Terrorism Unit

"This was a really insightful webinar. It enhances my understanding of the different nature of drone threats and the path to dealing with them"

Matt Valente, Former Operations Director, Newcastle International Airport

"The Dedrone hosted webinar was informative and structured very well, with a good technical and operational content."

Dave Parker, Electromech ECS Ltd

"Within no time up-to-date on the most important innovations in airspace security."

Markus Lichtensteiger, PKE Electronics AG