Introduction to Dedrones Airspace Security Platform

Join Amit Samani, Vice President of Enterprise Sales Americas & UK at Dedrone, as he shares his knowledge on extending security to the airspace.

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Introduction to Dedrones Airspace Security Platform

You will learn

How you can analyze your airspace
How a multi-sensor platform works
How a phased approach leads to airspace security

Our Attendees Say


I have found Dedrone webinars to be really insightful and provide a lot of context around airspace security.

Marc Smith - Former London Metropolitan Police, Counter-Terrorism Unit

Within no time up-to-date on the most important innovations in airspace security.

Markus Lichtensteiger, PKE Electronics AG

This was a really insightful webinar. It enhances my understanding of the different nature of drone threats and the path to dealing with them.

Matt Valente, Former Operations Director, Newcastle International Airport

The Dedrone hosted webinar was informative and structured very well, with a good technical and operational content.

Dave Parker, Electromech ECS Ltd

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